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The "Original"

Piña Ham Special 

Get your Noche Buena all set up with or Christmas Hams Selection.

Countdown to Christmas

- 30% downpayment for reservations -

Sure Foods From Sure Meat!


Tita's Special continues to provide safe and premium quality meat products.

Be rest assured that our products are free from the Swine Flu Epidemic.

Megabite 1Kg - Mockup Design.png
Pork Tocino Special 500g - Mockup Design
No Food Color Pork Tocino 450g - Mockup
Fatless Pork Tocino 500g - Mockup Design
Native Longaniza Special - Mockup Design
Bacon Special 450g - Mockup Design.png
Sweet Ham 250g - Mockup Design.png
Pambansang Tocino 450g - Mockup Design.p
Pork Tocino Special 500g - Mockup Design


Specially Juicy. Specially Sweet. 

Bacon Special 220g - Mockup Design.png


Smokey. Sweet. Delicious.

Beef Tapa 500g - Mockup Design.png

Beef Tapa

Beefy. Savory. Simple.

Skinless Longaniza Special - Mockup Desi


Smokey. Sweet. Delicious.

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