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Vision Statement

To continuously provide fresh and good quality processed meat products to the Filipino People through manufacturing high-quality meat products at reasonable prices.

Mission Statement

Tita's Special is committed to Help Filipino People Make Livelihood through product development and managerial effectiveness, and outstanding customer service.

From our humble beginnings in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Tita's Special has been in the business since 1972. We are a Filipino-family owned company striving to make difference in the local markets as a producer and a provider of fresh and good quality meat products.

We take QUALITY seriously as a driving force in all aspects of our business. For our local supplies, we make sure that Quality is present from the time the hog, chicken, and cattle are slaughtered by our meat dealers, to the time it reaches our processing plant to be processed. Whence they are further distributed to our branches, dealers and distributors Quality is still there. Thus, our slogan says, "Sure Foods From Sure Meat!" There are no shortcuts in attaining Quality. With strict compliance to national standards on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) backed up by scientific supervision and state-of-the-art facilities, we hope to provide healthy and deliciously fresh frozen processed meat products at affordable prices.
"Helping Filipino People Make a Livelihood"
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