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In 1972, Tita’s Special was founded by the spouses George M. Dungao & Teresita G. Olalia-Dungao. They began building their business in the humble kitchen of former Councilor Wilfredo C. Dungao, Sr., and Mrs. Sevilla M. Dungao in downtown San Fernando, Pampanga.


Starting out with just five (5) kilograms of pork to produce their Tocino and the demand soon grew ever more so demanding. Pretty soon the orders kept on coming in. The usual five (5) kilograms became ten (10) kilograms and it soared higher. In weeks time they ventured onto producing Longaniza. The couple did all the work themselves, they made a killing, and it truly was a husband and wife team-up. Many mornings were spent in the markets as they purchased their raw meat and spices. Their afternoons, spent on processing and the packaging soon after. They packaged their Tocino in 500 grams and the Longaniza respectively in dozens. As their mornings and afternoons were spent and used for preparation of the products they were left with the remainder of their day into delivering the products to their “suki” (valued customers).


Customers kept coming back and they couldn’t get enough of George and Teresita’s Special Tocino and Longaniza. With its pure natural ingredients and delicious taste, the demand sky-rocketed. And that was when the name stuck and the couple discovered their official brand name - Tita’s Special.


In the latter part of 1972, Tita’s Special generated enough income for their family, but the duo didn’t dare stop there. Through the unwavering encouragement of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Dungao Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Jose Olalia, Sr., and with the family’s strong faith in God, Tita’s Special started to double and even triple its production - catering the demands of their customers.


By the late 1970s, Tita’s Special had already gained a big market in Central Luzon and had started saturating the Metropolitan area of Manila. Meeting demands, they continued on to producing other meat products and hired additional help.


From then on, Tita’s Special had set their objective unto “Helping Filipino people make a livelihood.” It was there that they found their social responsibility in hiring people who are in great need of a job and all the while not neglecting yet providing the public access quality goods at affordable prices.

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