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Marinated in salt and sugar with each and every strand of protein fibers seeping with juiciness, easily cooked by frying.


Especially great when caramelized, with its sugar crunching up, its meat juicy and fresh, its taste salty and sweet.


Choice cuts of rich meat seasoned with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper and few secret spices.


Boiled, Fried, Grilled or Steamed - such possibilities are all good and great to muster up the flavors of these sweet and savory native sausages.


Variety of hams from boneless whole muscle hind leg to choice cuts of pork to chicken. Smoked to tender and great flavors paired with

Tita's Special Signature Ham Sauce.


No need to cook. Cold or Hot our hams are best served either way.


Deboned Pork Belly injected with our trade secret flavored brine. Hickory wood smoked style, thinly sliced and with just the right ratio of meat & fat.

Great to cook in a pan, best to cook in the oven. Delicious textures of crispiness and its taste a harmonic marriage of salt and sugar - perfectly applicable in many forms of culinary design.


Hotdogs & Burgers

All from the meatiest and the juiciest parts, finely ground meat combined with a bit of spices and herbs. Our hotdogs are stuffed, smoked and blanched to create a balanced flavor


Cooked in any way, best served grilled or fried.

Tapa & Delicacies

Marinated in a slightly sugary yet salty solution combined with ground black pepper and filipino wine.


With the strong rich flavors rooting down to every meat cutlet - these fine delicacies are best pan-fried and served in a very Filipino traditional way with the complimenting fried egg, garlic rice and atchara.

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